How Many Types of Granite Are There?

Granite is a natural stone that has been utilized across many civilization for centuries as building material and distinctive design. Architects, designers, and homeowners need to understand the different types of granite before they decide which stone best fits their needs. So, through this blog, you are going to explore everything from different granite types and their distinctive characteristics.

Categorized by Color (Color Group) of Granite
Granite is often referred to by its pattern and color, sometimes a manual order in which it had been formed: Pink Salt & Pepper Granite. The most asked about color categories are:

White Granite: With a clean, bright appearance, the white granite contains an array of almond-to-ivory colors and can also include more speckled black-and-powder gray versions.
Black Granite: One of the most popular granite colors for high-contrast designs, black granite boasts a depth-rich background that is either solid or speckled with white and grey.
Blue Granite: A very rare granite that can range from the color of sapphire to navy, with some grays and blacks.
Red Granite: Red granite is best known for its striking and rich coloration, red granite can be seen throughout the world due to frequent use of flagstone pavers and tiles that have just the right shade.
Green Granite: From relaxing and subtle sea greens to vibrant bold emerald tones, green granite can also be found with black, white or gray patterns.
Brown granite: This natural stone has rich, earthy tones that incorporate hues of brown from light tan to drak chocolate, sometimes mixed with gold and black flecks.
Geological Types of Granite
From a geological standpoint, granite is categorized as other types according to its formation and mineral content;

Biotite Granite: Biotite mica gives this granite a black or dark brown appearance, making it look deeper and more interesting.
Hornblende Granite: High grade hornblmnale; dark, making t distinct!
Tourmaline Granite Tourmaline granite is found throughout the world and is always identified by the colorful veins of tourmaline in shades of greens, pinks.

Granite Patterns
For Instance, the Planners Often Take The Granite Patterns Into Account While Choosing A Particular Stone For Given Application Besides Taking The Aesthetic That Particular Pattern Presents.

Common alternations on Granite are the speckles. Granites with a consistent pattern of small grains are called Speckled Granites.
Veined Granites: Contain flowing veins that vary from the base color and have the look of marble, only without a definitive pattern.
Solid Granites: Obviously has less veining, making perfect for a modern style, or lacking beautifully crazy stripes and pattern!
Sourcing and Availability
There may be a huge variation between the types of granite available, depending on what region you come from. Some of the top producers are Brazil, India and China, which each produce their own special type because they have their very specific geological formations. WIDE VARIETY OF GRANITES: Since each region produces a range of granite types the diversity available in the market worldwide is huge.

Overall, there is a vast range of types available and each type contains different properties which can be specifically suited for particular uses or to achieve a specific look. Whether it is a handful of plain old colours, or intricate designs that are being looked for, granite offers shades with depth and dimension to go in anywhere. To get more insight into what kinds of granite are there, a detailed guide can take you through the myriad option this beautiful natural stone presents. how many types of granite are there

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